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a gift for ichi mimi

a gift for ichi mimi

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What is Smack Jeeves Secret Santa?

A "Secret Santa" is a Christmas ritual involving a group of people exchanging anonymous gifts. For Smack Jeeves community members, that means we do something nice for our fellow comic artists, usually by making a Christmas or fan-comic as a present. The Secret Santa gift exchange was started by Trebor in 2006 and is now being run by Charlie in 2007.

The rules are simple - any Smack Jeeves user can participate by posting in the forum by the 15th of December. On the 16th, every person will be assigned one other person on the list to make a Christmas gift for. This usually takes the form of a single picture or flash file. Sorry, but sprites and photos WILL NOT be accepted - anyone who signs up has to actually MAKE a gift. Participants turn in their submissions to Charlie by the 24th of December at the latest, and then it's posted here, on the web site. But be warned - anyone who signs up and then fails to fulfill their end of the bargain will face a severe public mocking as well as several ominous forum account repercussions. Late submissions will result in the punishment being lifted a day after being received. Finally, participants can reveal their gift-giving identities on the 25th of December.

This was a lot of fun last year, and hopefully it will be just as good or better this time around. So what are you waiting for? Sign up! Now! Do it!

Who's participating this year?
3eoclock AFStaff Angelzora Appendagechild Blood Vex
Butterscotch CPD Captain Ghost Cerise coolchan
Crash Travis cutething daidaishar Darkie-sama Demon Topaz
dinodudemax dragonfire2587 dxprog eddygazilion Eggie
emberflames emodudette En... Enkida Essency
Falconer Follett Gamers Anonymous ganonfrog Goddess Ace
Gouda Green Soldier maker H0lyhandgrenade Hunterkirizaki i.heart.gj
ichi mimi ikebana Incendiary Fluff ithecello jap0911
JesterBlue jimmydabomb Kai Ketchup-Tart KhaosAnimeAngel
KiMaruJunpAi kiandranishan Kira-lin knee kreestuh
Kuruneko lexichan linniie LivingShinigami MGSSOL
MaoriChan Masterweaver Maylora mike-man Mimiako
misuzu Mitani Momentosis MuriraRK myapple
Nahara Ness Niki Lemonade Nikicus ninjies
Noneko paragoned pelica Quandtuniverse Ran
RathandFury RazorD9 RowanWatersprite s0ra sacredsinner
Sam4books sarydactl scalott SheenaXZelos ShinigamiMaxwell
SophosAmoresDraken Squirrel Stampede TKGB_Cocker tRickityHouses TaneFuzen
Tempest_Lavalle Teron TheWelsh TheYoshiHerd three
thunderstrike timmy123455 titletrack Torr Trebor
Tresity Triple J twelveOtwelve Tyro umBeR
WingedRivers Witchy xkrazydog XxHaNlxX Youngcannibals
Zaceron ZareonianWolf  

Latest News and Information

Secret Santa...

... will come again next year for all those boys and girls who've been good! If you were scrooged this year and didn't get a gift, be sure to leave a comment or tell us about it. In keeping with the same fine tradition as last year's Secret Santa, if you scrooged someone else, you won't be eligible to participate in 2008's Secret Santa.

Also, a final, hearty big thanks to Charlie for all of the hard work he put into this project. Great job! We hope you all enjoyed the Smack Jeeves 2007 Secret Santa, and look forward to next Christmas!

posted by Santa Claus @ 09 Jan 2008  ¤  0 people jingled the bells

Bah, humbug!

The following people did not submit a gift on time. As such, they are Scrooges. If you are a Scrooge but still want to participate next year, submit a gift quick-smart. There will be no further punishment or mocking of Scrooges, by order.

thunderstrike (late submission)
Niki Lemonade
Ness (already submitted a late gift)

If you believe you have been placed on this list wrongfully, PM me post haste.

posted by Santa Claus @ 30 Dec 2007  ¤  7 people jingled the bells

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