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Advertisement, 27 May 2019


Jingle that bell!


this is awesome how do I get in on this?

posted by koopabroz on 18 Dec 2007

Too late to join this year...

As you can read on the front page, you had to sign up in the forums to participate. Sorry, it's closed for this year! You can always try again next year, though. :-)

posted by Enkida on 18 Dec 2007


XDD Nice! Thanks to whoever made this for me! <3

EDIT: Though...it's a little early to reveal yourself...XD

posted by Angelzora on 20 Dec 2007


Now THAT'S how you cut down a tree!!

posted by RowanWatersprite on 20 Dec 2007

... cool ^^

but it isnt off me >< i havent submitted mine yet

*looks at it again* it looks like Imas on his pre christmas tree killing spree *laughs*

the following is based that the above picture is actually for Mitani and charlie may have pasted the wrong one in the wrong place etc... or there is another user by the name of Mitani who has a character that looks like Imaginary *has confuzzled herself*
Please dont think me pig headed for any of the content of this comment by the way...

Masayuki: oh yeah we put up trees... *points to a conveniently placed picture when talking about christmas*

Ima: hmm... *finds a tree and grins like a madman then well, this happens ><*

*laughs at her scenario idea* that would make a good filler for next year ><

PS i really wanna know who drew this lol

PPS yeah again im not trying to crash anyones christmas bubble... namely Angelzora's... *puppydog look*

posted by Mitani on 24 Dec 2007


Ok, so what happened here... The person who made this gift apparently made it for Mitani. However, they were ASSIGNED to make one for angelzora. That could be my fault, and I've sent so many PMs recently that it's deleted the old ones and I can't check if I put the wrong name in the PM. I will put my elves onto making a real gift for angelzora.

posted by Charlie on 24 Dec 2007


XD Oh dear, what a mix up! Oh well, I don't mind...really!

posted by Angelzora on 25 Dec 2007


so thats what happened... and if i wasnt the assigned.. then it must mean i have a fan somewhere... *do de do do do de do do*

*huggles angelzora* thankies for understandin hun ^^

posted by Mitani on 25 Dec 2007


That's alright...^^ There's really no need to kick up a fuss at a time like this anyway. XD

posted by Angelzora on 25 Dec 2007


That would be little old me who drew it.

And, the PM I got did say Mitani (still have the PM, too).

Either way, hope everybody had a great Christmas.

posted by dxprog on 26 Dec 2007


*huggles dxprog*

thankies ^^ you got ima so well *laughs* and noones even seen his face but i can see that expression on him ^^

posted by Mitani on 26 Dec 2007

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