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Advertisement, 27 May 2019


Jingle that bell!


Hahah that's amazing XD

posted by xkrazydog on 18 Dec 2007


That would be a hard tree to maintain.

posted by RowanWatersprite on 20 Dec 2007


Hahaha, this is the best gift online or off I will get all year, and whoever my secret Santa is, I love you forever.

I freakin' love it!

When the artist reveals themself, I also want to know if I have permission to post this as my final Christmas comic, and link people to your site. Because this here, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Also you got our characters down great, especially in the fact that that is how we'd probably try and make a tree. And also, nice job on having Corey looking at the WHY? site at the bottom.

I've been bustin my ass all week with Christmas comics and work, but this picture, this right here, has made it all worthwhile.

posted by scalott on 22 Dec 2007

Oh yes!

I agree with my cohort fully, best Christmas ever!

posted by Cimpso on 22 Dec 2007


'nuff said.

posted by RathandFury on 22 Dec 2007


Wow... just... wow! I love this picture, it's bloody well awesome!

posted by Milk Junkie on 23 Dec 2007

So glad you like it.

I have revealed myself!
I'm happy you like it. I enjoyed reading the comic for "research" purposes. By all means, post this on your site. It's for you after all!

posted by Tresity on 25 Dec 2007

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