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Charlie, 19 Dec 2007

- Despite our initial "no sprite" and "don't give away who made it" rulings, well, any gift is better than no gift, right?

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Jingle that bell!


Ooh! Ooh! I know who did this one! :D

posted by Incendiary Fluff on 19 Dec 2007


Who said it was crappy? No one said that. I thought it was kinda funny, and at least you put some effort into it.

posted by Charlie on 20 Dec 2007


Lol, I understand your pain, Crash. Last year I had someone who's comic consisted of only white text on a black background. I ended up drawing what the person said they liked on their profile.

Kudos to you for making due with what you could.

posted by Cerise on 20 Dec 2007

This is okay!

Honestly? I think this is okay. It's funny, thoughtful, you put a lot of effort into it with only a little to work with, and I am fairly sure Nahara is going to like this one.

We put the no sprite comics rule up precisely to prevent people from giving... well, the type of no-effort gift YOU got. If more spriters could make comics like this, we wouldn't have to put that rule in. As it is, you're a nice exception. Good work! :)

posted by Enkida on 20 Dec 2007


Thanks, I just asumed thats what you meant when you mentioned all the rules I broke.

I just want to see what Nahara has got to say -_-

posted by Crash Travis (Guest) on 20 Dec 2007


Reshould have changed the rules slightly. No Sprites unless your friggin amazing like Crash here.

posted by MGSSOL on 21 Dec 2007



I'm never going to compete with all this amazing art, My Secret Santa is going to be disappointed :(

I can't draw very well (Scanner Broke) and Flash just well kills my computer and I can't afford a legal copy or know where to get a crack :(

posted by MGSSOL on 21 Dec 2007


Crash shows us all that rules are meant to be broken.
Unless you suck.
Which he doesn't.
Nice work, Travis!

posted by Kuruneko on 22 Dec 2007


Last year, my comic used one of my characters, totally spoiling who it was from... but I figured it was worth it. :D

The point is to have fun, and to do something filled with senseless violence... isn't that, really, the christmas spirit?

posted by jimmydabomb on 22 Dec 2007

Charlie likes it

Trust me, he said so to the rest of the elves. :-)

posted by Enkida on 23 Dec 2007


I lol'd pretty hard, a goodin' indeed

posted by Nahara on 25 Dec 2007

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