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¤ Comics - A gift for emberflames (not carmel) ¤

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Advertisement, 21 Sep 2019


Jingle that bell!


aww. cute little cat boy ^^

posted by kiandranishan on 21 Dec 2007


lol that looks like my yaoi charater
yay fank you so much!

posted by emberflames on 21 Dec 2007


Awesome shirts are awesome.
Actually, the whole thing is pretty damn cool. :D

posted by Incendiary Fluff on 21 Dec 2007


Charlie made a boo-boo! This was originally posted under false pretences, the new title tells the story.

posted by Charlie on 22 Dec 2007


Charlie, man, you live to break my templates, don'tcha! XD

Fix'd :)

posted by Enkida on 22 Dec 2007


That looks chilly.

posted by scalott on 22 Dec 2007


I 'twas the artist responsible for this!

posted by Appendagechild on 31 Dec 2007

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