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Charlie, 25 Dec 2007

- For the record, this WAS in on time, but with such a massive filesize that it couldn't go up as it was. So yes, it's late because I was too lazy to reformat it myself.

Advertisement, 27 May 2019


Jingle that bell!


X3 Haha, poor guy! Merry Christmas, secret santa~! ^^

posted by three on 26 Dec 2007

thankies ^^

tis after the reviel date and i have to say i forgot to put the names on the characters, they're actually from my comic >< the guys are (left) Taro and (middle)masayuki [one of the main pair]
and (far right)orchid is a cloths designer, it was all her idea lol

i didnt have the heart to try and draw your characters so i drew this in a moment of madness then coloured it in ^^

posted by Mitani on 26 Dec 2007

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