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Jingle that bell!


T_T Aw, that's so sweet! Thanks so much!! I demand to know who did this!

posted by Angelzora on 25 Dec 2007


Looks Good! It's always the effort that counts.

Now just wondering where the hell is my secret santa :(

posted by MGSSOL on 26 Dec 2007

it is i Mitani ^^

i felt guilty for taking the other gift >< and i changed some images and made one into a christmas one for you ^^

im so glad you like it ^^

posted by Mitani on 26 Dec 2007


You didn't "take" the gift, it was drawn just for you anyways. :)

But thank you so much, Mitani. It's wonderful to see people like you putting thought into the secret santa. :D

posted by Angelzora on 26 Dec 2007


I'd love to know what the heck happened with the mix up. I sort of feel guilty for not making a Angelzora, but I had no idea. If I had my wacom on me I'd make a gift for her as well.

posted by dxprog on 27 Dec 2007


hmmm, it seems my secret Santa didn't make me a gift. there is only one explanation-
they have interfered yet again.

posted by Follett on 27 Dec 2007


Ah, mistakes happen, dxprog. :) Like I said, I don't mind! And if you think about it this way, this year's secret santa was better than last year's. XD

@Follett: Oh no, no gift?! Hmm...I think there's a scrooge punishment thingy that's going to happen...>:)

posted by Angelzora on 27 Dec 2007


oooooh, punishments. cool

posted by Follett on 27 Dec 2007

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