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Bah, humbug!

The following people did not submit a gift on time. As such, they are Scrooges. If you are a Scrooge but still want to participate next year, submit a gift quick-smart. There will be no further punishment or mocking of Scrooges, by order.

thunderstrike (late submission)
Niki Lemonade
Ness (already submitted a late gift)

If you believe you have been placed on this list wrongfully, PM me post haste.

Charlie was masquerading as Santa Claus on 30 Dec 2007  ¤  7 people jingled the bell

The little boys and girls of the world wrote to Santa saying:


No punishment or mocking? Where's the fun in that?

posted by Blood Vex, 30 Dec 2007


Not my choice, I'm afraid. They WERE gonna have their avatars changes to pictures of Paris Hilton, but someone thought that was just too cruel.

posted by Charlie, 31 Dec 2007


Awww....but but, that would have been hilarious. D:

posted by Nikicus, 31 Dec 2007


There should be at least something... I mean, come on!

posted by Blood Vex, 01 Jan 2008


Oh, God. Paris Hilton. *Shudder.*

posted by Ness, 01 Jan 2008

I'd rather get a lump of coal than Paris...

Hah, hah hah. Paris was my idea. You guys are so lucky I don't make the executive decisions on stuff like that. XD

posted by Enkida, 02 Jan 2008



posted by Tamatha Mccray (Guest), 12 Nov 2008

Jingle that bell!